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WWC Travelling Team Announced

Friday, May 19, 2017

The preliminary travelling party for the Women's World Championships in June has been released by BAFA

BAFA is pleased to announce the preliminary travelling party for the Women's World Championships taking place in Canada in June this year. Team head coach, Jim Messenger, said: "With this squad we have a good mix of experience and new enthusiasm. I'm delighted for all of those selected and thank everyone for the continued hard-work and commitment going in to this endeavour."


The team travels to Langley, British Columbia in late June to play in the week-long tournament. the third in the series of Women's World Championships. Great Britain open the tournament in the first game against Finland on 24th June.  

The preliminary line-up is:

Jessica Anderson - Wide Receiver - Hertfordshire Tornadoes 

Rebecca Butler - Offensive Line - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Jennifer Cooper - Wide Receiver - Birmingham Lions

Aimee Cottingham - Defensive Line - Birmingham Lions

Claire Davies - Wide Reciever - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Stephanie De Haven - Running Back - Birmingham Lions

Laura Dye - Offensive Line - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Sophie Etheridge - Defensive Back - Birmingham Lions

Sarah Glassborow - Wide Receiver - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Sydney Green - Quarterback - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Michelle Gwynne - Offensive Line - Birmingham Lions

Naomi Harryman - Defensive Back - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Siobhan Henry - Defensive Back - Teesside Steelers

Amanda Humphrey - Linebacker - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Sian Kersse - Running Back - Manchester Titans

Joannah Kilby - Quarterback - Birmingham Lions

Lucy Kirk - Linebacker - Birmingham Lions

Gabrielle Knops - Running Back - Leeds Carnegie Chargers 

Melissa Leng-Adams - Running Back - London Warriors

Victoria Law - Linebacker - Birmingham Lions

Monica Lewinska - Defensive Line - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Joanne Mann - Defensive Back - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Rebecca Martin - Defensive Line - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Ruth Matta - Wide Receiver - Birmingham Lions

Jayne Meadows - Linebacker - London Warriors

Charyle Mercer - Linebacker - Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Rachael Moody - Defensive Line - Edinburgh Wolves

Laura Moore - Linebacker - Birmingham Lions

Lucy Mott - Offensive Line - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Ellie Prendergast - Offensive Line - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Hannah Pye - Wide Receiver - Birmingham Lions

Danielle Raymont - Offensive Line - Derby Braves

Julia Robinson - Defensive Back - Derby Braves

Lindsey Robson - Offensive Line - Derby Braves

Vicci Rollinson - Defensive Line - Hertfordshire Tornadoes

Phoebe Schecter - Linebacker - Birmingham Lions

Robyn Steward - Linebacker - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Lucie Stewart - Defensive Back - London Warriors

Nancy Stone - Defensive Back - Birmingham Lions

Lisa Thomas - Defensive Line - Leeds Carnegie Chargers

Aimee Wilson - Offensive Line - East Kilbride Pirates

Collette Wong - Defensive Back - Derby Braves


Sammy-Lee Baker - Assistant Coach

James Branagh - Deputy Head Coach

Gareth Ellison - Assistant Coach

Lara Gargiulo - Therapy

Alex Lilly - Communications

Jon Maisey - Assistant Coach

Naomi Maycock - Therapy

Jim Messenger - Head Coach

Luke Plastow - Assistant Coach

Brett Rosenbaum - Assistant Coach

Connah Scholes - Assistant Coach

Christian Thompson - Manager

Aishah Waithe - Manager

Geoff White - Photography


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