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Sweden v Great Britain

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Watch the action LIVE today

Great Britain take on Sweden today in a crunch international fixture.

The game will be screened live here at 15.00

Head Coach Mike Callan said of the fixture "We are incredibly excited to see what these players can do out in Sweden. The work and effort they have put in over the past year have been impressive and they are ready to put it all on show. We have great coaches and staff around the program and can't wait to represent our country on the international stage yet again. "

First Name      Surname Position        Club
Jerome  Allen   QB      London Warriors
Callum  Davidson        QB      Sandwell Steelers
Xavier  Ajuwon  RB      London Blitz
Deji    Alli    RB      Tamworth Phoenix
Dan     Conroy  RB      London Blitz
Tapiwa  Munemo  RB      Filton Academy
Temi    Oduyemi RB      London Blitz
Glen    Toonga  RB      London Blitz
Ben     Burslem WR      Tamworth Phoenix
James   Cherry  WR      London Warriors
Alex    Eager   WR      Merseyside Nighthawks
William Hussey  WR      Tamworth Phoenix
Charlie Joseph  WR      London Blitz
Stuart  Milloy  WR      London Warriors
Sam     Rogers  WR      London Blitz
Harry   Routledge       WR      Merseyside Nighthawks
David   Saul    WR      Potsdam Royals
Tim     Thomas  WR      Helsinki Roosters
Ben     Ashby   OL      Bristol Aztecs
Victor  Bama    OL      London Warriors
Kevin   Keohane OL      London Warriors
Thomas  Levick  OL      Tamworth Phoenix
Matt    Meyer   OL      London Blitz
Deejay  Ogunkolati      OL      London Blitz
Tom     Outhwaite       OL      Farnham Knights
Azmi    Sbati   OL      London Blitz
Levi    Smith   OL      Bristol Aztecs
Jozef   Tobolkiewicz    OL      Derby University
Ben     Watkins OL      London Warriors
Jamie   Charles DL      London Blitz
Ash     Miller  DL      Tamworth Phoenix
Jonny   Ridge   DL      La Queue-En-Brie Gladiatuers
Salim   Djamal  DL      London Warriors
Nial    Scott   DL      London Warriors
Matthew Sharp   DL      West Chester Golden Rams
Will    Stone   DL      Tamworth Phoenix
Ronel   Thomas  DL      London Blitz
Steve   Wilson  DL      East Kilbride Pirates
James   Armah   LB      Bristol Aztecs
Oliver  Bishop  LB      London Warriors
Eddie   Cheadle LB      London Blitz
Fab     Gargiulo        LB      London Blitz
Alex    Haldane LB      London Warriors
David   Izinyon LB      London Warriors
Alasdir Jarvis  LB      Shropshire Revolution
Ariel   Mofondo LB      London Warriors
Nelson-Charles  Nwufoh  LB      Tamworth Phoenix
Stuart  Robinson        LB      Jyväskylä Jaguars
Ross    Young   LB      Edinburgh Wolves
Dotun   Ademiju DB      Sandwell Steelers
Josh    Amis    DB      London Warriors
Emir    Battaloglu      DB      Tamworth Phoenix
Jordon  Bolessa DB      London Hornets
William 'Kodjo' Davis   DB      London Blitz
Ashley  Hopkinson       DB      Stirling Clansmen
John    Kenyon  DB      Potsdam Royals
Sam     Obi     DB      London Warriors
Leslie  Oluwole-Wilson  DB      London Warriors
Edward  Onamade DB      Bristol Aztecs
Jason   Selormey        DB      London Blitz


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