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Opal Series 2018

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Britain's premier women's flag tournament is back.

The 2018 edition of the Opal Series kicks off this weekend with teams from across the country battling it out in two conferences, Northern and Southern, with a view to being crowned national champions.


BAFA Chairman, Martin Cockerill, welcomed the start of the Series. ‘I know a lot of planning has gone into the Series, both from the teams and from BAFA staff. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck as they take to the field.’


Today’s fixtures include:


Northern Conference:


Chorley Buccaneers v Hallam Rangers

Sheffield Giants v East Kilbride Pirates

Nottingham Gold v Hallam Warriors


Nottingham Green v Sheffield Giants

Hallam Warriors v Chorley Buccaneers

East Kilbride Pirates v Nottingham Gold


Hallam Rangers v Hallam Warriors

Nottingham Gold v Nottingham Green

Chorley Buccaneers v East Kilbride Pirates


Nottingham Gold v Sheffield Giants

Hallam Rangers v East Kilbride Pirates

Chorley Buccaneers v Nottingham Green


Southern Conference:


Blue Dreadnoughts v Wembley Stallions

Coventry Cougars v Iceni Spears

Grey Dreadnoughts v Coventry Cougars Youth


Wembley Stallions v London Warriors

Iceni Spears v Hyde Park Renegades

Coventry Cougars Youth v Blue Dreadnoughts


London Warriors v Coventry Cougars

Wembley Stallions v Grey Dreadnoughts

Hyde Park Renegades v Coventry Cougars Youth


Iceni Spears v London Warriors

Hyde Park Renegades v Blue Dreadnoughts

Coventry Cougars v Grey Dreadnoughts



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