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GB Lions Roster Announced for GB vs Russia

Friday, October 18, 2019

The final 45 man roster has been released for the upcoming game against Russia.

2              Ariel Mofondo                   LB   London Warriors

3              David Izinyon                     LB   Rostock Griffins

4              Stuart Milloy                    WR   London Warriors

5              Alex Haldane                      LB   Dresden Monarchs

6              Andrew Owusu                 RB   Pori Bears

7              Patrick Daley                     QB   Hannover Spartans

8              Jack Daley                         WR   London Blitz

10           James Slack                       QB   Schwabisch Hall Unicorns

12          Edward Onamade            DB   Potsdam Royals

13           Luc Benjamin Mbemba  WR   London Warriors

17           Chad Walrond                   DB   London Blitz

20           Daniel Hampton               DB   Tamworth Phoenix

21           Joe Cassidy                        DB   Bristol Aztecs

22           Thomas Campbell            RB   UWE Bullets

23           Omodeji Alli                       RB   Tamworth Phoenix

24           Elliot Walters                    RB   Tamworth Phoenix

25           Ashley Hopkinson            DB   Edinburgh Wolves

26           William 'Kodjo' Davis      DB   Allgau Comets

28           Jason Selormey                DB   London Blitz

30           Will Hobbs                         DB   Saarland Hurricanes

48           Ross Young                         LB   Edinburgh Wolves

49           Nelson Charles-Nwufoh  LB   Tamworth Phoenix

52           Jack Rice                             LB   Rostock Griffins

56           Matthew Eva                     LB   Potsdam Royals

57           Alasdair Jarvis                   LB   Shropshire Revolution

58           Benjamin Davies               LB   Tamworth Phoenix

60           Adam McClure                 OL   Solent Thrashers

61           Ibrahim Ahmed               OL   London Blitz

62           Christian Sinnige              OL   Bristol Pride

63           Cory Deere                        OL   Manchester Titans

64           Tom Outhwaite                OL   Farnham Knights

66           Theo Eddy                         OL   Bristol Pride

67           Guy Whittaker                 OL   Shropshire Revolution

68           Fisayo Olukoya                DL   Tamworth Phoenix

72           Ayodeji  Ogunkolati        OL    London Blitz

74           Richard Kaad                    OL   London Warriors

75           Ash Miller                         DL   Tamworth Phoenix

81           Benjamin Burslem         WR   Tamworth Phoenix

82           Nathaniel Prince            WR   Lubeck Cougars

84           Harry Routledge            WR   Merseyside Nighthawks

88           Kris Wedderburn           WR   Koç Rams

90           Ovie Omueda                  DL   Tamworth Phoenix

91           Jamaal Fredricks             DL   London Warriors

92           John Ridge                       DL   Diables Rouges de Villepinte

97           Wayne Drew                   DL   Tamworth Phoenix

Michael Callan                   Head Coach

Paul Cooper                       OC/OL Coach

Martin Hilton                     DC

Ross Templeton                STC/LB Coach

Steve Sheppard                RBs

Jeremy Simms                   WRs

Steven Wilson                   DL

Andy Starling                      Assistant

Duncan Burford                Corners

Neil Edwards                      Safeties

Ryan Baker                       QBs

Charlie Ovey                      Assistant

Luke Carlton                       Assistant

Faye Eastwood                  Team Manager

Beverley Analuwa            Physio

Jamie Tsui                            Physio

Statement from Head Coach Mike Callan:

"Selecting a squad of 45 from 75 is always difficult, everyone on our 75 man roster can play at this level. With the players we have available the selection gets more difficult each time. This time around we have a great balance between experienced GB players and new, exciting, younger talent. It will be great to see everyone get out on the field and be able to perform against Russia."


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