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GB junior positional coaching vacancies

Monday, July 15, 2019

The application processes for positional coaches has been reopened until Friday 19 July, following the announcement of new coordinators.

After releasing the names of the new coordinators for the GB junior contact team last Friday, Head Coach Neale McMaster has reopened the recruitment process for positional coaches. He commented:

“The process has been re-opened as we are aware that a lot of coaches now want to apply after having seen the calibre of coordinators we appointed. As a Great Britain coach, I don’t want to limit the pool of coaches I can pick from, and we recognise that a lot of coaches won’t have applied before, without knowing who the coordinators were. This is not a slight on the calibre of coaches who have already applied at all - far from it. It’s simply a small window to make sure we have the opportunity to pick the best staff possible.

Any coaches that apply in this window will be added to the list of existing candidates, who will all go through a shortlisting process to be selected for interview. I am, and the National Programme is, committed to an open and fair recruitment process for all staff members and re-opening the application window ensures we meet that commitment.”

Candidates need to be enthusiastic, motivated to represent Great Britain and registered as a coach with BAFA - holding a minimum of a valid Level 1 qualification from BAFCA.

Positional coaches who do not already hold a level 2 BAFCA qualification will be expected to commit to attain that certification within one year of appointment.

These are voluntary roles which require commitment of both time and self-funding for travel to practices and away games.

Positional coaching role description

Candidates should apply to Head Coach Neale McMaster enclosing a cover letter and coaching CV no later than noon on Friday 19 July. Please identify in your application what position or positions you are applying for - you may apply for more than one.

Candidates selected for interview will be notified promptly, and interview times will be set up with the Head Coach and appropriate Coordinator.


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