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GB junior coaching staff update

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Following the recent call for applications, and subsequent interview process, the Great Britain Junior Squad can now announce its full coaching roster


Head Coach – Neale McMaster
Offensive Coordinator – Andrew Morgan
Defensive Coordinator – Chris Herbert
Offensive Special Teams – Damon Kirby
Defensive Special Teams – Scott Rowe

U20 Coaching Roster

Quarterbacks – Dan Maher
Running Backs – Andrew Scott
Lead Wide Receivers – Matt Wade
Assistant Wide Receivers – James Hossack
Offensive Line – Frankie Pankhurst
Defensive Line – Russ Hewitt
Linebackers – Fabrizio Gargiulo
Safeties – Phoebe Schechter
Defensive Backs – James Wilford

U17 Coaching Roster
Quarterbacks – Levi Edwards
Running Backs – Jason Shaw
Wide Receivers – Andrew Morgan
Offensive Line – Lydon Ward-Best
Defensive Line – Ed Miller
Linebackers – Tom Hammett
Defensive Backs – Jon Holloway

Head Coach Neale McMaster said: “I’m unbelievably excited to announce, what I think, is an incredibly strong staff. Our U17 staff is built to help develop our younger players at 11 on 11 football, with a strong focus on fundamentals. This is an incredibly important role, as this is the area we believe will give us the biggest return in terms of closing the gap to the countries playing in the European Championships currently.

Our U20 staff is more focused on performance, and ensuring that our players are prepared to play at the highest level possible, and develop these young men into some of the best in Europe. In particular, I’m delighted to announce a number of General Assistants (GA’s) to be part of the squad. These are coaches who we believe are the future of the game, and we want to give them the opportunity to learn, develop and experience international level football in a way that will mean they can move up to positional or coordinator roles in the future.

For us, coaching development is a massive part of our role as a programme, however, we would not have picked these GAs if we didn’t know they can help develop our players, and ultimately help us win games in the future.”

The staff will have a kick off meeting this weekend, and will be in attendance at both the U17 and U19 finals over the coming months to finalise our invite list for upcoming trials, which will be announced very soon.

General Assistants
Jon Chilton
John Angell
Chris Sinnige
Paul Richardson
Rachel Trim
Mikey Davies
Robyn Steward
George Foster
Sam Marshall
Charles Selenkay
Kevin Kong
Abraham Day
Will Babbington
Jack Mullins
Ben Read


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