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Furness Phantoms forfeit game against Leeds Bobcats

Monday, July 1, 2019

BAFA have been notified by the Furness Phantoms contact team that they have forfeited this coming weekend’s game against the Leeds Bobcats.

The game was due to take place on Sunday, 7 July 2019. However BAFRA have notified the teams that they are unable to provide officials, and so the teams would have been required to self-officiate the game.  Unfortunately the Furness Phantoms did not want to play the game without official referees being appointed.  They were therefore unwilling to comply with their obligations under the Guide to Self-Officiating.

In accordance with the Competition Rules the game has been awarded as a 1-0 walkover win to the Leeds Bobcats.

Further in accordance with rule 13.19 of the Competition Rules, and consistent with the treatment of other teams, the Furness Phantoms have now been issued with a yellow card. 


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