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BAFA Presents Plan to MPs

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BAFA Chair, Martin Cockerill, presents new strategic plan for the sport to All Party Parliamentary Group.

The UK Parliament’s American Football Group met last week in Parliament in the first of its new format of meetings open to non-Parliamentary members.

Members of Parliament were joined in Westminster by individual associate members, as well as American Football clubs and other organisations to hear from the British American Football Association about their work in developing the sport in the UK, and how Parliament can support the game.

The meeting was chaired by the Group’s Chairman Peter Bone, Member of Parliament for Wellingborough. Welcoming those at the meeting he said “I am delighted this Group has adopted this new format, and that with so many of our non-Parliamentary members here today, that the model is working.

“We’ve written to around 100 UK-based teams, and one or two of the NFL so far. I hope they and the NFL itself will join the Group, and discuss with Parliamentarians how we can help develop the sport in the UK.

“I’d particularly like to thank those non-Parliamentary members who have joined the Group so far and for taking the time to meet this evening. By joining and telling us what we can do to help, we can hear directly how best we can support the game, and what more needs to be done.”

Martin Cockerill, BAFA Chairman welcomed the opportunity to present. “It was good to be able to update the Group on the work which the Association has undertaken in recent months to establish a new plan to take the sport forward.”


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