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BAFA Operations – rules reminder

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A reminder from BAFA operations that players may not be equipped with microphones during league games.

BAFA recently became aware that a team had placed a microphone onto one of their players during an official BAFA League game. We would like to remind all our clubs that this is not allowed under BAFA Rules.

Rule 1-4-10 states: "Players may not be equipped with any electronic, mechanical or other signal devices for the purpose of communicating with any source." The only two exceptions to this rule are hearing aids and health monitoring devices.

The penalty for breaching this rule is the disqualification of the player concerned and 15yds against the offending team.

We have no doubt that the intentions behind this breach were entirely based around trying to emulate NFL-style mic'd up entertainment and nothing more sinister, so we have decided not to take action against the club concerned in this instance.

However, with this reminder we are now drawing a clear line – and any further breach will result in disciplinary action against both the player and the club involved.

Steve Rains
BAFA Operations


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