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2019 GB Lions men’s flag squad announced

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The GB Lions men’s flag squad for the 2019 IFAF European Flag Football Championships in Israel has been shared.

The tournament will be held at the Kraft Family Sports Campus in Jerusalem, Israel from the August 29 to 1 September.

Head Coach Alan Young said: “Selecting the squad this year was very challenging. Losing experienced players for a variety of reasons was always going to be difficult.  However, through this year’s camps I have been overwhelmed by the effort and commitment some players put forth and what we are losing in international experience we are replacing with great football players. It’s also been a testament to the Silver Lions squad - the work done by Coach Arnold and that’s being continued by Coach Kirby - which has allowed the next generation to be more ready that it would have been in the past to step up."

"The selected players should feel proud to represent GB at the upcoming European Championships, although we have a lot of work to do to be ready for the elite competition that we will face.”

The 2019 Silver Lions squad has also been announced. The team will train alongside the Gold squad and is designed to provide a steppingstone for players towards being selected for the Gold squad in the future.

2019 GB Lions men’s flag Gold squad
Brian McFerren, Clyde Comets
Callum Woods, Grangemouth Broncos

Charles Williams, London Smoke
Chris Rowland, Baker Street Buttonhookers
David McInally, Manchester Titans
Gary Elliott, Aberdeen Oilcats
Henry Williams, London Smoke
Jamie Archibald, Edinburgh Outlaws
Joe Cotterill, Cardiff Hurricanes
John Kerr, London Smoke
Julian Holburn-White, Glasgow Hornets
Michael Bradley-Banszki, Baker Street Buttonhookers
Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets
Steve Mongey, Baker Street Buttonhookers
Vince Machi, Baker Street Buttonhookers

2019 GB Silver Lions men’s flag squad
Alex Brown, Southern Reapers
Andrew Carr, Chorley Buccaneers
Calum Young, Grangemouth Broncos
Corey Bedford, Chichester Sharks
Deon Lancashire, Sheffield Vipers

Ewan Alman, Aylesbury Vale Spartans
Jake Shaw, Warrington Revolution
Jeff Bond, Aylesbury Vale Spartans
Keith Woodley, Sheffield Vipers
Kerrance Pankay, Glasgow Killer Bees
Kevin Woods, Grangemouth Broncos
Konstantinos Karras, Cardiff Hurricanes
Nathan Coles, South Midlands Outlaw Gunslingers
Oliver Tibbles, Northants Titans
Paul Teague, Nottingham Honey Badgers
Paul Zinkus, Aylesbury Vale Spartans
Phil Watson, Newcastle Blackhawks
Max Verlint, Baker Street Buttonhookers
Nicholas Schippers, Reading Lions

2019 GB men’s flag coaching staff
Alan Young, Head Coach
Andrew Gibson, Defensive Coordinator
Mike Scott, Team Manager
Steph Walker, Sports Therapist
Dayle Kirby, Head Coach (Silver Lions)
Dave Lee, Assistant Coach (Silver Lions)
Tanya Boyes, Assistant Coach (Silver Lions)
Jimmy Thomson, Assistant Coach
Jeff Bond, Strength & Conditioning Coach


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