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This page provides details on the coaching staff for the respective Great Britain national teams.

Great Britain

Head Coach and Offensive Co-ordinator: Mike Callan

Defensive Co-ordinator: Wayne Hill

Offensive Line: Anthony Fitzpatrick

Wide Receivers: Stuart Miller

Running Backs: Nick Rockell

Offensive Assistants: Matthew Davies and Aston Ellington

Defensive Line: Paul Summers

Linebackers: Ross Templeton

Defensive Backs: Martin Hilton

Defensive Assistant: Andy Starling

Great Britain Flag

Head Coach: Stuart Mckay

Defensive Co-ordinator: Dave Lee

Offensive Co-ordinator: Jimmy Thomson

Great Britain u19

Head Coach: Damian Anderson

Offensive Co-ordinator: Graham Kelly

Defensive Co-ordinator: Scott Rowe

Special Teams: Kenny McPhail

Quarterbacks: Jon Rooney

Running Backs: Rob Orr

Offensive Line: Ben Johnson

Wide Receivers: Justin Smith

Defensive Line: Shola Guppy

Defensive Backs: Adam Biggs

Assistant coaches: Marcus Roome; Tom Worrall; Danny Ketch; Duncan Burford.

Great Britain Students

Team Manager: Greg Freeman

Head Coach: Wayne Hill

Offensive Co-ordinator: Tony Athersmith

Defensive Co-ordinator: Pete Laird

Offensive Line: Paul Sherratt

Running Backs: Jay Alexander

Quarterbacks: Ryan Baker

Wide Receivers: James Hossack

Defensive Line: Paul Summers

Linebackers: Simon Hatcher

Defensive Backs: Kit Lawson

Strength and Conditioning: Fabrizio Gargiulo

Great Britain Women

Head Coach: Jim Messenger

Deputy Head Coach / Defensive Co-ordinator: Richard Ward

Offensive Co-ordinator: Jamie Kilby

Special Teams: James Branagh

Offensive Line: Jon Maisey

Receivers: Tom Roberts

Defensive Backs: Gareth Ellison

Defensive Line: Luke Plastow

Therapist: Lara Inge