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Super Fives squads announced

20 March 2017

Competition will take place in Manchester on 26th March to help with future selections for GB Lions Flag teams

With the inaugural Super Fives tournament just around the corner, each conference has now officially named their squad.

The event, which will take place at Our Lady’s Sports Centre in Manchester on Sunday 26th March, will be used to help future GB squad selections and will see some of the best players from each of the four conferences of the BAFA Adult Flag League compete against one another in a round robin format.

The squads are as follows:


  • Will Abel (Victoria Park Panthers)
  • Corey Bedford (Chichester Sharks)
  • Kehinde Bello (London Rebels)
  • Dan Benning (Aylesbury Vale Spartans)
  • Vincent Berry (Reading Knights)
  • Jeff Bond (Aylesbury Vale Spartans)
  • Alex Brown (Solent Thrashers)
  • Tom Burrows (Solent Thrashers)
  • Felix Currell (Victoria Park Panthers)
  • Adam Russell (Solent Thrashers)
  • Mark Streather (Victoria Park Panthers)
  • Matt Turner (Victoria Park Panthers)
  • Head Coach: Neil Henderson (Chichester Sharks)
  • Assistant Coach: Jennifer Macchia (Warwick Wolverines)
  • Assistant Coach: Jonathan Lupton (Chichester Sharks)


  • Nathan Coles (Nothants Titans)
  • Kieran Eaton (Coventry Cougers)
  • Adam Grindod (Nothants Titans)
  • Luke Madden (Coventry Cougars)
  • Drew Newiss (Birmingham Lions)
  • Josh Nicholson (Birmingham Lions)
  • David Radford (Nothants Titans)
  • Ben Roberts (Nothants Titans)
  • Stefan Rowden (Birmingham Lions)
  • Andrew Smith (Cardiff Hurricanes)
  • Matt Tibbles (Nothants Titans)
  • Sam Tibbles (Nothants Titans)
  • Head Coach: Dan Archibald (Northants Titans)


  • Josh Allen (Sheffield Giants)
  • Sam Andrews (Mansfield Honey Badgers)
  • Mantas Ceckauskas (Newcastle Blackhawks)
  • Tim Darracott (Sheffield Giants)
  • Simon Denning (Mansfield Honey Badgers)
  • Ollie Forrest (Doncaster Mustangs)
  • Jonas Robinson (Sheffield Vipers)
  • Tom Snee (Mansfield Honey Badgers)
  • Max Verlint (Sheffield Giants)
  • Mike Webster (Sheffield Giants)
  • Chris Winrow (Leeds Bobcats)
  • Keith Woodley (Sheffield Vipers)
  • Head Coach: Dean Whittingslow (Sheffield Giants)
  • Assistant Coach: Tanya Boyes (Sheffield Giants)


  • Mike Dunn (Glasgow Hornets)
  • Nicky Farrell (Glasgow Hornets)
  • Liam Fleming (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Julian Holburn-White (Glasgow Hornets)
  • Alessandro Marello (Edinburgh Outlaws)
  • Scott McKenzie (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Ewan Miller (Newcastle Blackhawks)
  • Callum Stopani (Aberdeen Oilcats)
  • Fraser Thomson (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Callum Woods (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Kevin Woods (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Calum Young (Aberdeen Oilcats)
  • Head Coach: Mike Scott (Aberdeen Oilcats)
  • Assistant Coach: David Mooney (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Assistant Coach: Jimmy Thomson (Grangemouth Broncos)
  • Assistant Coach: Tom Clarke (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Rules for participation:

  • All entrants must be eligible to represent GB – either have a UK passport or dual citizenship
  • All players must be 16 or over
  • Each conference can have a maximum of 3 of the current GB Lions squad
  • It is open to male and female players
  • Players must have been registered with a flag football team in the 2016 season, or be a member of the GB or Silver Lion setup

For further information please contact Mike Scott, Team Manager, on 07725 529999 or email


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