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National Leagues Registrations Now Open

05 October 2017

Team and member registration for the 2017-2018 season is now open

The 2017-2018 transfer window is also now open. Players, coaches and staff may now submit a request to transfer to another team via the National Leagues registration system. The transfer window will close again on Tuesday 3 July 2018.

You can access the BAFA National Leagues registration portal at or via the link on the Clubs and Competitions tab of this website.

System improvements and changes

Several minor enhancements and changes have been made following feedback from users, observations from the National Leagues registration team and to meet regulatory requirements.

Women’s Opal flag and Sapphire contact teams have now been added to the National Leagues registration system, offering club management the same overview of their membership and self-service features enjoyed by other formats, as well as allowing easier transition to National Leagues summer football for players and coaches.

A new category of player / coach has been introduced, to improve usability for members registering and for club admins viewing their membership in Club View. The previous tick boxes within the coach and player categories have been removed.

The emergency contact information captured has been expanded to include a new field for information on ongoing medical conditions / allergies, which will feed through to the emergency contact report and put even more vital information at their fingertips of club management. This field will also now need to be completed annually, ensuring up to date information is available. Clubs with multiple teams will also now be able to select a specific team to run an emergency contact report for in the team reports section.

Parental consent must now be confirmed for all members under 16, via a check box and field to confirm the name of the parent or guardian registering the member. This is line with the introduction of the European-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018.

An opt-out has been reinstated to allow members to elect to no longer receive updates related to BAFA events, activities and clubs. Please note – members with the status of club admin will still receive updates and system messages specific to this role.

The ability for club admins to register a member on their behalf via their own login has been removed, following abuse of the functionality. Any members with difficulties registering should be directed to the National Leagues registration team instead.

The option to set up an annual direct debit has been removed, as this was both underused and causing confusion.

The following additional enhancements and changes will be introduced over the coming weeks.

The ability to download team rosters will be now locked down from 7pm on a Friday until 7pm on a Sunday.  Rosters should already have been downloaded by this point, according to competition regulations and this also prevents teams from making late additions to their roster, while still allowing member registrations to take place over the weekend for teams on bye weeks.

The ability for club admins to hide members who are no longer part of a team will now filter through into rosters – making it easier to carry out game day checks, and reducing the amount of printing that needs to be done.

2017-2018 fees

Team and member fees for National Leagues flag, youth, junior, senior, associate and development teams remain unchanged from last season. Fees for women’s Opal flag and Sapphire contact teams have increased. You can find a full list of fees
under the Fees tab on the website.

New for 2017/2018 is the introduction of competition top up fees.  Registered University coaches wishing to transfer from university football to role of National Leagues adult contact player or National Leagues adult contact player/coach will be required to pay an additional £8 competition fee. National League adult contact players, coaches or player/coaches and university coaches who wish to play National League adult flag will be required to pay an additional £5 and Opal series player who wish to play Sapphire series will be required to pay an additional £15. A full additional licence must be purchased for entry

All coaching fees are annual (running October 1 to September 30) and are not competition based. If you have already paid to register as a university coach for the 2017/2018 season and will be coaching only in the National League (not playing), please contact the National Leagues registrations team to discuss how you can be added to the National Leagues system. National Leagues coaching memberships are also transferrable to university football at no further charge.

As previous, players who compete in university football who wish to play in National League football are required to purchase a full licence to take part in National Leagues football.

Please note – failure to follow the correct registration process may result in individual or club penalties.

Further support

Step-by-step ‘how to’ guides to registering a team, renewing individual membership, creating a new membership, running rosters, approving members and requesting and approving transfers are available on the
Rules and Regulations page.

If you need more help please contact the BAFA National Leagues registration team at – please note that queries will be dealt with within five working days.


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