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BAFA confirms successful ScoreStream test

16 March 2017

Association will use service to provide live score and other in-game updates moving forward

BAFA is pleased to announce the successful testing of the ScoreStream live scoring website and app. The Association has been very happy with the results of tests conducted with the free service over the past three weeks, with it allowing BAFA staff, team representatives and fans a great solution to provide real-time score updates.

The app has also allowed BAFA to create a widget for the front page of its website, allowing fans to observe live score updates in one place.

In its most basic sense, ScoreStream is an app which allows fans and teams to post live score updates of their fixtures. It is a free app that was designed for US High School football leagues which no longer saw results covered by social media.

Simply look for ScoreStream in the App/Play store and download, or go to and sign up for free.

As well as the basic score updates, there are opportunities for fans to chat about the game, upload photos and videos and create graphics ahead of, during and after games. Score updates and other posts can also be shared on social media.

The system allows fans attending games to update scores. However, each user is given a ranking based on the scores they enter. ScoreStream uses an algorithm which downgrades those who enter incorrect scores and upgrades users who enter accurate scores. Users who continually enter incorrect scores will end up being banned from posting. Scores will be monitored both by staff at ScoreStream and BAFA (please note that testing scores i.e. setting something to 100-0 pre-game to see how the system works, can have a bearing on a user rating).

BAFA Chairman Martin Cockerill welcomed the new system, saying: “It’s great that members and fans of BAFA will now be able to follow their teams in real-time across one system. We hope that the community takes to using ScoreStream in the same way as High School teams have in America, engaging in the sport like never before.”

BAFA Media Manager Ali Houghton, who has overseen testing of ScoreStream with the service’s staff, said: “After three weeks of exploring ScoreStream’s functionality, I’m delighted that BAFA will now encourage all of its members to use the app to provide updates from around the country. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at ScoreStream for helping to get everything set up, as well as everyone in the community who has started to use the app and helped ensure that testing was rigorous. Hopefully British American football fans can now move away from having to scour social media to find out scores in ongoing fixtures.”

The BAFA GameCentre Twitter and Facebook accounts will now be left dormant, with all updates made via ScoreStream.

If you have any general questions, please email, while any specific questions about the functions of the app should be addressed to  


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