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'Drive 2 the 10' launched

20 February 2017

BAFA Manager for Schools, Rob Rooksby, encourages National Leagues teams to get 10,000 school participants by the end of the school year.

Building on the promotion-starved launch of American Football into the School Games, we look to the spring and more importantly, the summer term. BAFA is proud to launch its 'Drive 2 the 10' campaign to try and end the first year with 10,000 participants in the School Games. With the Trust predicting around 4,000 by the end of the academic year, Rob Rooksby, BAFA’s Manager for Schools has a more optimistic figure in mind, with the help of the National Leagues clubs.

As Rooksby explains; "The whole thrust of what we have been doing with the School Games and the Touchdown Programme has been to support the valuable work that we recognise the community clubs do. We have also made sure that our Touchdown Football Programme and the competition formats in the School Games do not undermine the work that clubs are currently doing. Now we need to ask clubs to help us maximise a good ‘kick-off’. The ‘Drive 2 the 10’ campaign gives clubs a list of things that they can do to help. We simply ask that clubs do at least just one task off the list and help us take another positive step forward for youth football. Let us know with some evidence (for example, copying, into an email sent to a school or CSP) and the club will receive the ‘Drive 2 the 10’ logo. Like the School Games Friendly logo scheme, it makes it easier for teachers, School Games Organisers, sport development officers and the like, to identify clubs that are actively attempting to support youngsters in the School Games. These initiatives are increasingly being embedded into the materials that schools and the School Games Organisers have access to and ultimately, will look for."

The list of things to do are:

  • 1) Make your club a ‘School Games Friendly’ club and join the scheme.
  • 2) Email your local school, let them know what is happening!
  • 3) Contact your local SGO and CSP and offer your help and advice.
  • 4) Offer your training ground as a venue for School Games American Football competitions.
  • 5) Invite teachers, SGOs and CSP to your games.
  • 6) Promote the Touchdown Football Programme.
  • 7) Get someone at your club to become a Touchdown Activator and Adviser.
  • 8) Deliver the resourced-based Teachers’ Induction Day.
  • 9) Promote wheelchair and walking American Football and boost activity and inclusion!
  • 10) Join the Future First Alumni network, go back to your old school, have fun and spread the word!

Rooksby concludes: "It may be our present, but it's their future – let’s make it a good one for them to experience!" For further advice or guidance on any of the tasks above, contact


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