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The British American Football Association (BAFA) is the National Governing Body for the sport of American football in Great Britain and is responsible for all regulatory, competition, performance and development aspects of the game.

Its activities are many and varied and include the following:

  • The organisation and promotion of all amateur domestic national competitions across both contact and non contact versions of the game.
  • The organisation and promotion of the national teams in international competition.
  • The promotion of the game to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and the provision of opportunities for their engagement and development.
  • The regulation of the game on and off the field of play through oversight of its rules.
  • The representation of the British game to national and international partners, be they sporting organisations, federations or commercial interests.

The British American Football Association is a member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF).

The British American Football Association is a company limited by guarantee.

Management and Operations

The British American Football Association has a Board of Directors and a staffing structure comprised of Managers and Officers who support the delivery of the sport across a series of directorates.

The current BAFA Directors are:

Martin Cockerill

David Parsons

Russ Hewitt

Paul Sherratt

Marlene Price

Current representatives on International Boards are:

Gary Marshall. IFAF Europe Board.

Details on the our Managers and Officers can be found on the 'Contacts' section of the website

Current Board Structure:

This consist of the following directorial roles -

The Proposed Board Structure:

This will consist of the following directorial roles:

   • Chair
    Director of Finance
    Director Business Development
   Director of Communications
    Director of Business Process
    Director of Operations
    Director (3 positions)

Proposed Commission Leads:

   • Adult Competition Commission Lead
    Age Group Commission Lead
    Clubs Commission Lead
   Events Commission Lead
    National Teams Commission Lead
    Schools Commission Lead