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LEague Table

Buckinghamshire Wolves (U17 Flag) 900478591.000
London Warriors (U12 Flag) 500167841.000
Manchester Titans South (U17 Contact) 501165751.000
Northants Titans (U17 Flag) 300136251.000
Kent Phoenix (U17 Contact) 1001261.000
Grangemouth Broncos 8003561081.000
Glasgow Hornets 700423581.000
Newcastle Blackhawks 800289981.000
Chichester Sharks 300112971.000
Sheffield Giants (Adult Flag) 20092321.000
Kent Exiles Rebels (U17 Contact) 30089131.000
Victoria Park Panthers 10038261.000
Chorley Buccaneers Red Beards 20044271.000
Coventry Panthers (U17 Flag) 1001801.000
West Essex Showboats 300128811.000
Chorley Buccaneers Cutlasses 30081441.000
Cobham Cougars Blue 801320990.889
Aberdeen Oilcats 5102641100.833
London Blitz (U12 Flag) 410201650.800
Manchester Titans (Adult Flag) 7203662890.778
Leicester Huntsmen (U12 Flag) 720257920.778
Black Country Vipers (U17 Contact) 5311851010.667
North East Academy (U17 Contact) 201131520.667
London Warriors (U17 Flag) 4201451440.667
Waveney Wolves (U12 Flag) 420218700.667
Aylesbury Vale Spartans 5303162080.625
London Blitz (U17 Flag) 3201151870.600
Clyde Comets 331841240.571
Manchester Crows 4302381650.571
Sheffield Vipers 22099710.500
Leeds Samurai 220821310.500
Hertfordshire Cheetahs (U19 Contact) 22050940.500
Burnley Tornados (U17 Flag) 11062410.500
Carnegie Renegades 3301191950.500
Carnegie Steelers 3401901950.429
Darlington Steam (Adult Flag) 2301051530.400
Coventry Cougars (U17 Flag) 12065630.333
Leicester Huntsmen (U17 Flag) 240801760.333
Waveney Timberwolves (U12 Flag) 3602432370.333
South London Renegades (U12 Flag) 120120.333
Waveney Grey Wolves (U17 Flag) 3902234380.250
Wigan Warhawks 1301161900.250
Dunbeth Dragons 130531760.250
South London Renegades (U17 Contact) 1307940.250
Edinburgh Outlaws 1501321690.167
Etone Jaguars 150772530.167
Coventry Cougars (U12 Flag) 0200390.000
Bedford Blackhawks (Adult Flag) 020451200.000
Cheshire Cavaliers 050702150.000
Mansfield Honeybadgers 01013140.000
Chorley Buccaneers Broadswords 030131050.000
Studley Bearcats (U17 Flag) 01012130.000
Lincolnshire Bombers (U19 Contact) 0306960.000
Essex Spartans (U19 Contact) 02032440.000
Reading Lions 01019400.000
Calderdale Knights 050911550.000
Nottingham Bears 020521000.000
Reading Knights (Adult Flag) 02058670.000
Hackney Cougars 01014470.000
Ware Wolves 02060790.000
Midlothian Sabres 060492470.000
Paisley Spartans 061583460.000
Burnley Tornados (U12 Flag) 0106580.000
Solent Seahawks (U12 Flag) 060474190.000
Hertfordshire Cheetahs (U17 Flag) 06061390.000
Chorley Buccaneers Black Beards 02036520.000
Studley Bearcats (U12 Flag) 0206810.000
North East Academy (U19) 020020.000


Helmet colour: -

Home shirt colour: Black Shirt with Red Numbers

Home pant colour: Black

Head coach: Jon Hollowell

Head coach email: Email Jon Hollowell

Team President: Toby Livingstone-Droop

Club venue: Northampton Racecourse - NN1 4LG

Website: View our website

Email: Email us

Contact number: 07595690889

Twitter: View twitter page

Facebook: View facebook page

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